Paul TaylorI am Paul Taylor, the developer of The Happy Atom Program.

My training / consulting work has encompassed:

  • helping startups and small businesses to develop business and marketing plans
  • developing and delivering leadership programs for major organizations, including:

Happy Atom Has Worked With


My longest association has been with Ericsson, a Forbes’ Top 100 Digital Company, employing more than 100,000 people. I have been an accredited facilitator on the Ericsson global leadership program for over 20 years, designing and developing several iterations of the program.

My experience with Ericsson has helped me to understand what it takes to survive and thrive in a VUCA environment. I have helped Ericsson people to cope with the ‘dotcom crash’, the rise of Chinese competition, the emergence of smartphones, recession, regulatory issues and the rise of the ‘Internet of Things’. 

“Paul Taylor has been a global consultant of Ericsson since the late 1990s. In the last six years, Paul and I have worked very closely together in designing and implementing at least three of our most sought-after global leadership programs. Under immense challenges of time and cost constraints, with Paul’s active involvement, we were able to design and roll-out world class programs, all on Blended Learning Methodology. Specifically, we combined use of self-produced e-learning and video material, virtual group discussions, face-face workshop and coaching.
From my perspective, Paul is a unique blend of business, human and technology expertise which he utilizes and puts together. He is creative, using this to find various learning approaches to learning objectives. The programs Paul has worked on and conducted have been well received. Participants find them business and work relevant, very useful and applicable at work.”

Joselito Rivera, former Head of Global Leadership Development, Ericsson

Before my training and consulting work:

  • I was marketing manager for one of the Top 40 companies in the UK, overseeing a marketing team and a multi-million pound budget. 
  • I established my own company marketing interior accessories to major retailers, including Harrods and Selfridges 

I have an MBA from City, University of London and a Masters in Law from Oxford University.