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And here’s some advice from Jonathan Rick, writing for Fast Company magazine:

“Take a look at my LinkedIn profile. How do you suppose I gained so many endorsements? (Some may call endorsements “meaningless”; I see them as a credibility check: “You call yourself a digital expert? Why doesn’t anyone else?”) I’d love to attribute this accomplishment to sheer brilliance, but the truth is, I explicitly solicited this support. I wrote a self-deprecating form letter to 100 of my nearest and dearest “connections” (LinkedIn doesn’t pretend they’re “friends”). And true to biblical form, because I asked, I received. Indeed, more than one person took the opportunity to ask that I reciprocate.

Here’s another story. Years ago, when cutting my teeth at a local PR agency, the boss called a staff meeting, at which she read a letter one of our clients had written to her praising an employee. When I later asked the given colleague how the letter came about, his reply was priceless: “You think Stacy [the letter-writer] got up one day and said, ‘Let me write a letter about how wonderful Bob is’?” The implication was left unsaid: they had developed a friendly relationship, wherein he had treated her to dinner and drinks, and in return for his generosity, he had floated the idea of a written endorsement (in its pre-LinkedIn meaning). Pure Chaucerian genius: nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

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