Your Working Styles Questionnaire

There are 8 sections in this questionnaire. Each section has 5 statements and you should allocate 15 points between the 5 statements based on how much you agree with each statement. You can allocate between 0 (don’t agree at all) and 9 (completely agree) points to each statement by either dragging the slider or clicking on the scale. 

No statement is more ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ than another – allocate the points based on what YOU think. It may take a little time to allocate the points in Section 1 but it will get easier as you progress through the questionnaire.

When you have allocated 15 points for a section, the next section will appear below.

At the end of the questionnaire, click on the Submit button to be taken to your Working Styles profile and a guide to interpreting it.

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